The City Gate
Photo by: foxypar4, Creative Commons

Mdina is the old capital city. It played an important role during the Great Siege where it provided safety for the Maltese Residents.

Mdina offers a medieval feel to the city. It is walled town that is located in the center of Malta. This beauteous city is a must see when visiting the country.

Restaurants in Mdina offer good cuisine and spectacular atmospheres.

• Palazzo Constanzo. Specializes in Maltese and Italian Cuisine located in a beautiful baroque palace.

• Fortanella Tea Garden. Offers a great view of Mdina with open air dining. Known for its home made cakes and the panoramic view of the Maltese islands.

• Bacchus Restaurant. Serves the finest French and International cuisine and is located in the heart of Mdina. Provides for a first class cuisine with the scenic views of the bastions of Mdina.

The tourist attractions of Mdina are rich in history and memorable when seen.

• The Mdina Dungeons. It is the Magisterial Palace in Medina which now serves as the Museum of Natural History. The underground cells and dim corridors of the dungeons exhibit life size statues depicting Malta’s history.

• The Narrow Streets of Medina. Walking along the streets of Mdina allows you to travel back in time while grazing along sculptures of the ancient times.

• The Houses of Mdina. The houses in the city showcase a rich history on its own. The sculptures of these houses reflect the history of the times. While in Mdina, make sure to visit Casa Falson and Casa Inguanez as well as the other houses in the city.

• Palazzo Notabile. This is a wonderful restaurant and café that provides medieval shows in Mdina.

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