Mount Sinabung in the background of a Medan evening
Photo by: ~DocBudie~ [Toba Series-Part 2], Creative Commons

Medan is home to ancient infrastructures that still stand today. Because of the Dutch influence, the architectural landmarks bear testament of that. It is amazing to see the mixture of Asian and Western culture in a one city. Medan is also considered the fourth largest city in Indonesia. Touring around the city’s magnificent historical places will take you on their rich cultural past.

The old infrastructures in Medan were built in 19th century. The city was a former tobacco plantation and upon the growth of the residing locals, it soon developed into a busy place. When roaming around Medan, don’t forget to visit its famous landmarks. The Maimun Palace is the most remarkable above all and until now, the sultan of Deli still lives there. The palace is a mixture of Dutch and Malay style. The walls and ceilings are painted creatively and colorfully. Another remarkable mansion in Medan is the Tjong A Fie Mansion. It is home to the former Chinese Indonesian Tycoon Tjong A Fie. The mansion can be well appreciated because of its mix Chinese and Indonesian architecture.

Religious structures can also be found in Medan. This includes the Mesjid Raya Medan, Sri Mariaman Temple and Immanuel Protestant Church. The Mesjid Raya Medan is Medan’s Great Mosque. Like any architectures in the city, the Great Mosque also have a mixture of architectural styles, specifically Moroccan and Dutch influences. On the other hand, the Sri Mariaman Temple is a Hindu temple and the oldest one in Indonesia. Built around the 18th century, it displays many antique Hindu statues. And lastly, the Immanuel Protestant Church is one of the biggest churches in Medan. It was constructed in 1921 and is still used to this day.

After touring around the ancient infrastructures of the city, it is good to end your trip at the shopping district and at the local restaurants. The Kesawan Square is a place for restaurants and Indonesian cuisine. On the other hand, the Sun Plaza Shopping Mall is a shopping district with lots of low-priced items. Make sure to visit these places when you tour Medan!

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