Visiting ancient ruins of former great cities can truly be a splendid idea for tourists. Medenine of Tunisia will make an excellent vacation to see ancient buildings and structures.

Although many tourist guides neglect this great site as a must see for the interested people seeking leisure, Medinine is a good choice for you. Why? Well, the structures in the ghorfas villages are of optimum importance to the agricultural aspect of Tunisia. Ghorfas are grain storage houses that shelters many of the crops the Tunisians in Medenine have gathered throughout the summer. You will surely love its distinct appearance. The building is made from 100% clay and mud, ensuring the cool temperature inside without creating the destructive moisture than can spoil the grains. Many caretakers of the storage houses allow tourists to see and witness how the grains are stacked inside the attention-grabbing forms of the ghorfas.

Moreover, to add color to the already interesting collection of ghorfas, a series of stores selling colorful carpets are seen around the village. Most of the time, the businessmen even parade their designed carpets outside their stations, making the whole area more attractive and lively. You can also find these carpets as a great souvenir item, both for you and for your loved ones. Tunisian carpets are known for its intricate appearances and ethnic styles. This would definitely adorn your floors. For functionality, these carpets can effectively insulate the chilling temperature of winter.

Truly, having an experience of seeing this one of a kind cultural place can be a very fulfilling experience.

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