Meknes, Morocco
Photo by: babeltravel, Creative Commons

Meknes, Morocco is one of the imperial cities in Morocco. It is an old city and was founded several centuries ago. The city is popular for its stylish structures that have their own distinct designs that you can only observe in the structures of Meknes.

This city is usually overlooked by most tourists because they think there are better cities to visit. But once you have finished visiting those more popular places in Morocco, you should also check out Meknes.

There are several things to do in Meknes, Morocco. One thing to experience in Meknes is Savor Morocco. This is both a cooking workshop and a tour company. You can join the class by signing up. The first half of the group will do the cooking class while the other half will take the tour and vice versa. Everyone will experience both cooking and touring. In the cooking class, an expert will teach you how to cook several Moroccan dishes that you can only eat in Moroccan restaurants. You will have your own station complete with the cooking tools and equipments and ingredients that you will need. Sharing the stove with another student makes it more fun. After cooking, you all can enjoy your freshly cooked meals with the rest of the class. For the tour part, a tourist guide will accompany your group and will tour you to the great places in Meknes. This will surely let you experience Meknes at its finest.

If you want to get lost in time and learn more about the history of Meknes and Morocco in general, you should go to Volubilis. This area showcases historical ruins and will make you feel as if you travelled back to the past. Not many people visit the place because the place looks a bit neglected, but it is still amazing. You should go there when the weather is warm and sunny.

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