View of the local forest of Melgar, Colombia.

Photo by: wiki , Creative Commons

Many international tourists are probably more familiar with the city of Bogota simply because it is the biggest, the most populous and the highest profiled city in Colombia. However, what these tourists do not know is that a significant number of Bogota residents favor spending weekend vacations in the quieter, warmer and more scenic city of Melgar, Colombia.

Although the city is located in the landlocked department of Tolima, it is ironically nicknamed “The Sea of Swimming Pools.” This is due to the presence of more than five thousand swimming pools that cater to the swimming whims of local and international tourists who visit the area regularly. These pools are constantly replenished by the nearby Sumapaz River. Melgar owes its warmer, resort-like climate to its position nestled within the region’s valleys.

Because of its reputation as a resort, Melgar, Colombia gives a wide array of options for visitors to appreciate what the local ambiance has to offer. Tourists can visit and enjoy facilities specifically built to highlight the uniqueness of the city’s topography. The City of Reptiles is one such facility which was constructed to protect the diversity of reptile species that can only be found in the region. The reptile facility offers plenty of opportunities to interact with reptiles that can only be found in the wild. Tourists can also explore the nature trails in Cualama and Buenavista. Those who are more adventurous can surely enjoy a visit to the Caves of Palestine.

For the hyper-active, Melgar, Colombia abounds with plenty of opportunities to engage in adventure and extreme sports. High-energy paintball sessions are regularly scheduled in facilities such as the El Gaitero Eco Park. Those with extra adrenalin to spare can count on the regular rafting adventures on the nearby river. The steepness of the region’s landscape gives its rivers a more challenging and a more exciting rafting course which can only be described as a white foam of obstacles on water.

After all that physically taxing action, health spas in Melgar, Colombia can offer much needed relief. Among the most notable and better known spas in the area can be found in resorts such as The Gaudual, Palmer and La Melgar. World class spa facilities and services ensure that guests always leave feeling recharged and energized to enjoy the city’s other attractions.

With so many things to do and so many facilities to enjoy, it is no wonder that Melgar, Colombia has earned its well-deserved reputation as a holiday town locally and internationally.

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