Popeye Village in Mellieha
Photo by: luigi53, Creative Commons

Mellieha is a village located at the northwestern side of Malta. It is located atop a picturesque hill and has the largest beach in the Maltese Islands. Mellieha is also a favorite a family vacation spot in Malta because of its breathtaking view and safe environment. It offers a great atmosphere for families because of the safety feel of the place.

The people for Mellieha are extremely hospitable and the place is undeniably quaint and spectacular.


Dining in Mellieha is diverse and fun. Here are some restaurants you can visit in Mellieha:

L’Amigo Restaurant. A pizzeria and a restaurant in one. It has a nice view of the Main Street. It offers pizzas and Maltese specialties that will really suit your liking.

Guiseppe’s Restaurant and Wine Bar. A small, intimate restaurant in Main Street, it serves Maltese and Italian cuisine. There is a wide variety of dishes offered and is by far the best restaurant in Mellieha.

Ta’ Peter Bar and Restaurant. Again another restaurant in the Main Street. It has a bar and has a wide variety of dishes served in Maltese, Italian, and English cuisines. It has a very nice atmosphere and has a very impressive menu.


The Mellieha Bay has the longest beaches in Malta. It is also one of the safest because of the areas of shallow water minus the dangerous undercurrents.


Swimming and family vacations are most recommended in Mellieha. Sightseeing is also a must because of the picturesque view of the location.


You can also visit these attractions while in Mellieha:

The Church of Our Lady of Victories. A majestic church located at the edge of the Mellieha Ridge. It was built in the late 19th Century.

The Mellieha Bay. One of the best sandy beaches in Malta.

Popeye Village. The set of a 1980 Musical Production that shows beautiful view of the wooden houses.

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