Parque San Martin in Mendoza, Argentina

Photo by: morrissey, Creative Commons

Mendoza is considered as one of the neatest places you can go to in Argentina. It is well known in the world for its malbec wines and also for Mount Aconcagua which is a great skiing destination during the winter months. Mendoza is situated at the foothills of the Andes mountain range and it also is part of a man made oasis that serves as a huge irrigation system.

Attractions You Should Not Miss

Sightseeing Tours

Sightseeing in Mendoza is both spectacular and educational. Get to witness the history of the past inhabitants in Mendoza while also gaining knowledge about the past and present culture in Mendoza.

San Martin

Mendoza takes great pride in their hero, San Martin, who is also the father of Argentina. In their museums and parks, you can see preserved memories of San Martin including his ordeals in Mount De la Gloria. The park serves as host to the documentation of the hero’s passing in Mendoza.

High Country Sports

Mendoza also serves as the starting point of high country sports in Argentina. Enjoy skiing, climbing, mountaineering, and river rafting in the Mendoza River if you are up for a great adventure.

Things You Need to Know

• Mendoza is dubbed as the land of bright sunshine and good wine. Make sure you get to enjoy both when visiting Mendoza.

• Make sure your tour packages include wine tasting as the place hosts the greatest wine you can find in the world. If not, you can go to several wineries yourself and join some wine tasting in different venues.

• Summer temperatures range between 18 to 33 degrees. Expect a fairly humid temperature during noontime and welcome a refreshing breeze during nighttime.

• During the winter months, temperatures drop to 3 degrees with a maximum of 16 degrees during noon time. The foothills of the Andes mountain range provide great slopes for skiing during the winter season.

• Mendoza is a great starting point for more adventurous high country sports in the Andes. During the winter season, you can start getting ready in Mendoza for more difficult stretches that lie ahead.

• The Mendoza River makes for an enjoyable place for river rafting. If you are travelling in groups or if you want to experience fun and adventure, river rafting is a definite must.

• Traveling by taxi is convenient and fairly cheap when in Mendoza. Taxi services are all around the area as this serves as the main mode of transportation

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