Mérida – countryside

Because of the spring-like climate in Merida all year round, this makes it a popular choice for members of the youth to go camping at. This place in Venezuela has a lot of valleys filled with trees that are indeed perfect as a camping spot. In these valleys, not only the young campers can participate for as long as the older campers have sufficient energy, they can freely explore the forests in Merida and have a great time.

Campers can do a bunch of sports including paragliding, mountain biking, rafting, kayaking and fishing. There are even horseback tours provided by some of the settlers in the mountains. There are also beautifully-constructed churches that can wow any one who passes by. Construction of some of the churches in the city began in 1800s and was completed after more than a century. This gave the churches a different feel as the styles from 2 centuries are strikingly unalike.

If you are not a fan of churches, there are also other places for you to go to. You can try this city’s ice cream since it has been famous for holding the most number of ice cream flavors around the world. Go to this place and try out the weirdest ice cream flavors you never thought would be possible to be made. You can also enjoy your stay in the hotel and lodging facilities and experience natural South American living.

What is so great about Merida is it can provide almost every tourist needs. It can be a mixture of both traditional and modern living.

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