Downtown Mesa, Arizona
Photo by: Ixnayonthetimmay, Creative Commons

Should you ever find yourself in Arizona’s Valley of the Sun, be sure to stop by the city of Mesa. Located within the Eastern Valley area of the Phoenix Metropolitan, Mesa is the third largest city in the entire state of Arizona.

With a convenient location in the Sonoran Desert, considered as one of the country’s top outdoor recreation playgrounds, and a continuously growing metropolitan area, the city of Mesa has an interesting mix of luxurious and laid back leisure ambience that attracts tourists from all over. Part of Mesa’s allure to tourists is its warm climate filled with bright, sunny days and cool, breezy evenings. One need not tote an umbrella in Mesa because the area rarely receives rain every year and almost never experiences snow during the winter season.

It also helps that the city of Mesa has an intriguing and highly diversified culture with tons of interesting indoor and outdoor recreational activities to keep their guests preoccupied throughout their trip.

There’s adventure abound in Mesa, regardless whether you prefer to seek it indoors or outdoors.

For outdoor enthusiasts, you can enjoy the natural beauty of Mesa and the Arizona desert landscape from the air, land, or water! Mesa’s aerial adventures include taking a hot air balloon ride, chartering a plane, or, if you’re adventurous enough, hang gliding. Enjoy the rugged Mesa trails up close by exploring it like conquistadors on horseback, Jeep/Hummer tours, mountain biking, or through the Mesa hiking trails. Being located in the desert, water sports are aplenty as well in Mesa with visitors having their pick from canoeing, fishing, swimming, to river rafting.

If you’re in the mood for a little indoor adventure, Mesa has a lot of interesting museums and infrastructures to check out as well. Must-see locations include the Mesa Arts Center deemed as the largest arts and culture complex in the state, Arizona Museum for Youth, Mesa Amphitheatre, and the Mesa Arizona Temple among others.

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