Meteora 400
Up, up, up to Meteora
Photo by: MrSco, Creative Commons

Greece – it is not just a place rich in history, a haven for archeologists, or even a photographer’s paradise, but it is also where you can reach the heavens. When one visits Meteora, which is located in Thessaly and found in the centermost part of Greece, monasteries are scattered not around but on top of towers made of rocks.

In order to get there you will need to hike upwards. It may sound difficult at first but this has attracted a lot of visitors to come to the place. Meteora also attracts of rock climbing enthusiasts since another way to climb the impressive rocks is to climb it. When one researches about the history of Meteora, the direct translation would surface and it is but fitting for this place since one would literally find it “hovering above in air.”

Speaking of the spiritual journey, there are monasteries like the Agia Triada or the Holy Trinity. For visitor visitations, they are open from 9 AM until 1 PM but it is closed on Thursdays. Visitors are so curious to visit this particular monastery since this was the same place where the James Bond movie was shot. Another monastery called the Varlaam houses impressive relics and religious treasures that are open for public viewing from 9 to 1PM then opens once more from 3:30 until 6PM. It is closed during Fridays.

Amongst all these monasteries there is of course the most popular of them all and this is the Megalo Meteoro or Metamorphisis. Why it is considered the best is simply because it is perched on the highest rock formation in the entire Meteora. Like the others, it is open from 9-1PM and 3-6PM but closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Of course, proper attire should be followed.

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