Miami Beach

Miami Beach shoreline.
Photo by: Roberto, Creative Commons

Miami Beach is a barrier island located between the Bay of Biscayne and the Atlantic Ocean. The bay separates it from the main Miami area, which is more like a bustling city than a laid back beach area. This distinction is often blurred as people commonly refer to the two areas under the umbrella term Miami. Nevertheless Miami Beach holds out on its own and has become popular all over the United States for having one of the best beaches that sees a continuous stream of visitors all year round.

Beach resorts and different accommodations can be found in the area leaving little trouble for visitors from all over the world to find a place where they can enjoy their vacation. Popular areas in Miami Beach include the Art Deco District which is home to a myriad of hotels, apartments and homes all dating back to the 1920s, Lincoln Road which is a good place for different outdoor land activities such as biking and rollerblading as well as the prime spot for dining and shopping.

These places are noteworthy, but they do not clearly represent what Miami Beach is really known for – the beaches. Surrounded by clear blue waters on every front, it is natural that water activities are the main attraction of the area. Beach lovers tend to go to South Beach which is perhaps Miami’s most popular beach areas. Sunbathing is the usual activity in South Beach with specific spots designated for topless sunbathers.

People who want to engage in more adventurous activities will not go home disappointed though because Miami Beach also offers different things to do in the water such as jet skiing, sailing, swimming, and surfing. For those who want to really experience the area, events such as Miami International Boat Show which showcases Miami’s best watercrafts can be seen annually.

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