Miraflores Huaca Pucllana
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If you have been so used to the old town and heritage charms of Lima and is looking for a new ‘flavor’, Miraflores offers a new, upscale and urban Peru environment at its finest. Miraflores is best known for its shops, gardens, hotels and beaches, offering the country’s most luxurious accommodations. Miraflores is a very busy neighborhood—try crossing a street without encountering a new adventure.

On the other hand, Miraflores offers a peaceful view amidst all the bedlam. This ironic charm sets it apart from the rest of Latin America. The magnificent views of the Pacific Ocean will relax your senses greatly. Miraflores means ‘look at the flowers’ in Spanish, because of its colorful flower filled parks that will rejuvenate you when you’re touring about the town.

Getting There

By air, the Jorge Chavez International Airport, Lima will take you to most national and foreign cities.

By land, one can access Pan American Highway, which links all cities along the coastline, starting with Ecuador to the north and ends with Chile to the south. Many major bus lines will also take you to Miraflores.

By sea, the El Callao is the major seaport of Peru that includes large ships and cruise ships. They can take you to any major port in the south Pacific.

While in Miraflores…

Miraflores is a modern district, having the best hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, malls, and their banking and commercial system. It’s definitely the most ‘Americanized’ part of Peru, and most tourists feel very safe here. Shopping and dining in Miraflores is simply heaven, and the best part is, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Astrid y Gaston

It is rated year after year as one of Lima’s best restaurants. Astrid y Gaston is situated on the little side street near Parque, Miraflores. It is an upscale restaurant, and the food is the best that you can expect. Make sure to make reservations or you’ll never get a seat. Wear appropriate attire: formal dress and suit.

La Castellana

La Castellana was formerly a manor house during the 1912 and transformed into a cozy hotel. This hotel is strategically located near malls, restaurants, cinemas, cafes and pubs, easily making it a favorite among tourists.

Criollo Restaurant
His is a unique setting and a unique restaurant—located in the ruins of an archaeological compound that was built by the early inhabitants during the Primitive era. The restaurant has excellent views, great cuisine, the best wine and pisco list.

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