Cochran-Africatown Bridge in Mobile, Alabama
Photo by: Altairisfar, Creative Commons

Mobile is a city located on the Mobile River and the central Gulf Coast of the United States. It is the third most populated city in Alabama (with a population of about 198,900) and is the county seat of Mobile County. Mobile is the largest municipality on the Gulf Coast between New Orleans, Louisiana and St. Petersburg, Florida.

Its geographical location leads to a mild subtropical climate—the city experiences hot, humid summers and mild, rainy winters with infrequent snowfalls. According to a study by WeatherBill, Inc., Mobile City is the wettest city in the adjoining 48 states. Mobile experiences an average of 120 rainy days each year.

The city is known across the world for its unique attractions. Mobile City features outdoor adventures, Delta excursions, fascinating museums, white sandy beaches, beautiful historic homes, and 21 world-class gold courses.

You can head over to the USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park and get a taste of history. The memorial park is a home to the USS ALABAMA Battleship, winner of nine World War II battle stars. And while you’re out there, you can also take a look at the Submarine USS DRUM and twenty other historical aircrafts.

And if you’re up for exciting outdoor adventures, you can start by taking a boat tour. Mobile has five boat tours: Alabama Cruises-Southern Belle, Delta Explorer, Airboat Express, Five Rivers Delta Safaris and Alabama Cruises’ Kingfisher. Each of the boat tour offers relaxing and informative sightseeing and discovery cruises. The swamp tours will give you a view of the unique natural resources of the Mobile-Tensaw Delta. The area is inhabited by 250 species of birds, 230 species of fish, alligators, bald eagles, black bears and other wildlife. Not only will you be having fun, you’ll also learn a lot.

Mobile has so much more to offer. You can view artifacts which details the city’s history at innovative museums. Or you can choose to enjoy nature and visit one of the city’s beautiful gardens. Any time of the year, this city is bursting with life and energy so you’re assured to have a great vacation!

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