Montauk Point lighthouse
Photo by: US Coast Guard, Creative Commons

Montauk is a beach paradise for those who prefer sun, sand and surf. Since it is located at the tip of Long Island, Montauk calls itself as The Living End or The Last Resort. Because of its strategic location, it has also been used as an army, naval, coast guard air force base in the past. It is also the home to the largest commercial and recreational fishing fleet. Montauk is one of the busiest visitor destinations within East Hampton, especially in the warm weather months. In warm weather, Montauk is the perfect place to swim and surf. Families may also go sightseeing in at least one of the city’s six beautiful state parks. The small town is also packed with bed and breakfasts, restaurants and hotels. Some hotels in Montauk are open only from April to November; while others are open year-round to serve fishermen who are attracted to Montauk’s great fishing spots.

Not a lot of people know that deep sea fishing is one the primary attractions of Montauk. When the list of things to do and things to see in New York comes up, deep sea fishing usually doesn’t come up. Long Island boasts of several fishing spots including the Hudson River, Sheepshead Bay, Fire Island Inlet and Montauk. While all are good fishing spots in Long Island, Montauk stands out among others because of its many difficult-to-catch fish such as the Marlin, Bluefish, Tuna, Striped Bass and Dolphin Fish. This has earned Montauk the title of Sports Fishing Capital of the World. In fact, Montauk claims to have the most number of world saltwater fishing records. Thanks to excellent conservation efforts, the Striped Bass (a.k.a. Rockfish) and many other fish in Montauk are making a strong return. Deep Sea Fishing is a thrilling experience for both beginners and experienced anglers.

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