Monte Carlo Casino

Monte Carlo Casino 400
Monte Carlo Casino – Monaco, France
Photo by: Rudolf Stricker, Creative Commons

The Monte Carlo Casino is Monaco’s main tourist attraction. The casino building features an opera, ballet house, Ballets de Monte Carlo’s headquarters and Grand Theatre de Monte Carlo. It is located in the quarter of Monte Carlo and Monaco citizens are prohibited in the gaming rooms. In addition the European Poker Tour is held here annually which is Europe’s prestigious poker tournament.

The casino building was designed by Charles Garnier, a French architect who also designed the Palais Garnier. The first casino opened here in 1856 when Prince Florestan I legalized gambling in the year 1854. Also a new block was added to the casino by Prince Charles III.

The present building was constructed in the year 1858 with a number of gaming rooms. Also in the year 1910 a theater was added and the casino was expanded. In the present days the casino features a restaurant, garden and a poker room for the wealthy people. The gambling games in the casino are Video poker, Slot machines, Blackjack, Stud poker, Craps, Baccarat and Trente et Quarante.

The Monte Carlo Casino has been featured in movies, among them Casino Royale (1953), Never Say Never again, Golden Eye and Once Upon A Crime.

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