Monte Sano

Fall colors on a Monte Sano trail
Photo by: Jeff Hunter, Creative Commons

From time to time during a vacation people go to different places to relax and enjoy themselves with whatever the venue of their choice offers. However, some vacations spots offer only a few of many things people can do to relax and enjoy their vacation. But in Monte Sano State Park people have a wide variety of activities to choose from. The name Monte Sano is a Spanish word that means “Mountain of Health.”

From a simple relaxation away from home to certain outdoor activities, the Monte Sano State Park has it all. For people who would want to stay a few nights (or even just one night) there are a number of cabins to choose from, a total of fourteen cabins all in all.

These cabins are built with the style of Arts and Crafts, built from stone with hand-crafted stone fireplace together with an original wood floor they give any person that decides to stay here that mountain feel, breathing fresh mountain air together with a spectacular panoramic view of the park’s natural surroundings.

For those who want to get away from the comforts of a cabin and get even more in with nature, there are also a number of camping sites available, with the choices of an improved campground (with water, electricity and a dump station) or a primitive campground for that more outdoor experience. For those who simply want to spend their day at the state park and eat together there are a lot of picnic areas available to choose from.

Large pavilions are available for those with a large group or even meet with other people and make friends. Small pavilions are available for what would seem like a private family or friendly gathering. There are hiking trails or biking trails available for those who simply want to have that simple outdoor experience and enjoy the scenic views the park has to offer.

Seeing a spectacular view of nature is very relaxing in a peaceful land, free from the stress of the outside world. Though the experience might be short-lived or temporary, the state park is always there for those who would want to return and relive the experience.

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