Moorea – not so quiet beach
Photo by: LOLO FROM TAHITI, Creative Commons

The South Pacific Islands has a lot of great travel deals to offer. Aside from the romantic island of Bora-Bora, the magical island of Moorea shares the same limelight as well. With the clear blue waters and white sand beaches, there is nothing more to describe this place but the word paradise.

The picturesque landscape alone of this great island is already a feast to every tourist’s eyes. The vertical mountains that soar to the sky surrounded with the fresh blue waters of the lagoon are a magical scene. However, your trip to this island will not be complete if you do not take part into certain island activities and enjoy the scenery of the nature.

For your visit in Moorea, do not forget to miss great activities that you can only experience in this island. First, you can devote one day discovering the roads of this island. Along the way, you can see fruit-tasting shops, quiet beaches, local shops, green valleys, and pineapple fields. Moreover, you can give a day to explore some of the historic sites in the island. This includes the hunt of sites and small villages hidden in the forests.

Of course, you must not forget the well-known water activities in Moorea. You can feel free to experience snorkeling, canoeing, diving, and jet skiing in the warm waters of the lagoon.

Also, you can get closer to nature by swimming with the dolphins. The Moorea Dolphin Center allows great activities in where you can swim side by side with the dolphins. If you have kids with you, they can enjoy wading in the waters with dolphins. You can also grab a chance to see the dolphins in their natural habitat by joining dolphin-watching boat tours.

Other sites that you must not miss to see and experience in this island are Papetoil Village, Cook’s Bay Fruit Juice Factory Tastings, Belvedere Overlook, Tiki Theatre Village, Paopao and Opunohu Valley, and Le Petit Village. Other activities you can enjoy here are shark and ray feeding, whale watching, deep sea fishing, hiking trips, and a lot more other activities.

If these words do not convince you yet of the magic of Moorea, come and take a visit to this island. For sure, from the time you set foot to this place, you will already feel the greatness and magic this island offers. More importantly, you will surely find it hard when it’s time for you to leave the place.

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