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Moorea is said to be the ideal honeymoon destination in the planet. This high island from the French Polynesia territory lies a few kilometers shy of northwest Tahiti. You would probably find this place often featured in wedding magazines and other websites meant for traveling couples.

In Tahitian, the name Moorea literally means yellow lizard. There are other names of which this island is referred to such as York Island and Aimeho. One of the most fascinating facts about this island is that the entire area resembles the shape of a heart. However, this is not necessarily the reason for this place to become honeymoon central.

There are many reasons a tourist would find this place very attractive. It offers a great view of the sea and the island is filled with trees. The sea breeze is constant which makes your stay very cool and comfortable even as you walk under the sun. There are a number of different resorts which offer great facilities to cater to your every need. There are many activities being offered such as snorkeling, hiking and other water-related leisure interests. If you seek relaxation at its finest, there are spas which offer various treatments to soothe all the stress away.

Practically speaking, the most enticing feature of Moorea would be the accommodations. There are some cottages which are built just on top of the reef. You can have the full view of the island and the sea from your window. There are also some rooms or cottages which offer great facilities inside. This would also include a glass floor which will enable you to see the marine life and the beautiful coral reef just beneath your floor. There is much to see and a long list of things you can do in this island where you can have the privacy you need while you enjoy every moment of your stay.

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