Moscow City Guide

Moscow City, Russia
Photo by: spereira, Creative Commons

One of the greatest cities in the world, Moscow has played a crucial role, both in the Russian history as well as the history of the world. It is a city of extremes. On one hand is its remarkable past, while on the other hand you can see the capital city buzzing with the energy typical of the 21st century. This combination only increases the intrigue called Moscow, and beckons you even more.

As a tourist destination, Moscow is a place best seen on foot. With numerous museums and several palaces and religious centers to see, you will never get tired of walking here. You can start by visiting the Kremlin. Seat of Russian might, the Kremlin is the most famous place in the whole city. It is actually a fortified complex consisting of several government buildings, palaces, as well as several ancient churches. It was built in the year 1156. While the Kremlin is a must-visit, the Armory inside the Kremlin is especially interesting as it houses exhibits from the time of the Czars. Women in particular will be thrilled to see the stupendous collection of diamonds, also found in the armory. The Kremlin also serves as the official residence of the Russian President.

Your next stop could be in the heart of the city, to the Red Square. The Red Square is surrounded by St. Basil cathedral, the State History Museum, Lenin’s Mausoleum, and Kremlin on its sides.

Another sight that will pull you towards itself is that of Cathedral of St. Basil the Blessed, also known as St. Basil Cathedral. This cathedral was built to commemorate Russia’s victory over Poland in the 16th century. It is said that the best time to visit the cathedral is in the night during a light snowfall. Yet another much-revered site in Moscow is the Lenin’s Mausoleum. Inside the mausoleum, you will be able to actually see Lenin, lying in an embalmed state. Unfortunately, photography of any kind is not allowed here. So take in the sights of the mausoleum well, lest you forget it.

If you want, you can plan your Moscow trip in a way that it coincides with some of the famous festivals held in the city. Notable among these are the City Day celebrations. Organized during the first week of September, Moscow celebrates its birthday during this week. You can join in the party and enjoy the parade, pulsating music, scrumptious food, and fireworks in front of the Red Square. If you happen to visit the city in December, you will be in for a real treat. December Nights is perhaps Moscow’s best-known festival, featuring a series of classical concerts. Some of Russia’s greatest and the most talented musicians perform in this festival, which is held at the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts.

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