Mount Athos

Mt Athos 400
Mount Athos
Photo by: d proffer, Creative Commons

Why do visitors go to Greece? Some visit for the mouthwatering cuisine. Others crave for the waves in the beaches with all that golden sand but did you know there is one other reason that attracts visitors to Greece? They all look forward to visit the oldest standing monastic community in the world, Mount Athos. One could easily whisper their prayers by just lifting their heads since Mount Athos is 2,039 meters high from the ground. They say that if one does have a height of seven feet, one’s head would be in the clouds already.

Due to the obvious difficulty to reach Mount Athos, the place is one of the virgin places in Greece. This does not hamper a visitor’s journey to reach the top of the Greek world so currently; locals and foreigners swamp the place. Did you know that Mount Athos can only be reached via a boat? There is just one bit of a problem; Mount Athos is strictly for male visitors only.

It is a monastery ran by Monks. They are all men who have isolated themselves from people, especially women. Try not to raise an eyebrow since it is purely logical enough as to why it is opened only to male visitors. There are close to 2,500 male inhabitants so if they see one woman, just hope the lightning strikes them first. There are also necessary permits to be completed but even though it does need some extra efforts just to enter, the experience is definitely worth of the wait.

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