Mount Roberts Trail

View of Juneau from Mount Roberts Tramway
Photo by: righto…, Creative Commons

Alaska has an abundance of plants and wildlife and the best place to really see their beauty through the Mount Roberts Trail. The trail is about four and a half miles long and the starting point is around 100 feet above sea level, just above the Russian Orthodox Church on 6th street. Hiking on the trail is recommended from April through late October which is considered to be the driest month. Rain gear is an absolute necessity for hikers since Juneau is known for sudden heavy rainstorms even during climbing season. Early November through April would not be a good time to go hiking on this trail.

Hiking on the Trail is a great experience but hikers should be prepared for any unforeseen circumstances. Alaskan trails are known to be unforgiving so be sure to have all the required hiking gear, plenty of water, a map and a GPS. It is not recommended to hike on the trail alone so always go with someone and let others know where you are going.
There are no man made hazards on the trail and the only plant life that hikers should be aware of is the Devil’s Club plant. These plants have wide leaves with sharp spines that can easily penetrate the skin so they should never be touched.

Hikers are treated with a view of a variety of wildlife. Mountain goats, Sitka black tail deer, black bears, Eagles and red squirrels are only some of the wildlife that can be found on the trail. There are also culturally modified trees and an abundance of plant life in the dense forest.
Hikers have a choice of either hiking up Mount Roberts, and take Mt. Roberts Tram coming back down or taking the tram up and hiking down. Caution should be taken when taking the hike down because the trail that leads down through the forest is a steep one and is often muddy and slippery.

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