Muang Khammouan

Tha Khaet Mountain Range
Photo by: SarahDepper, Creative Commons

Muang Khammouan is a province situated in central Laos. It borders Savannakhet and Bolokhamxay provinces. It covers about 16,000 square kilometers and most of this land is dedicated for agriculture. The Annamite Mountain range frames the River Mekong in the west of this province while to the east, the mountain range separates the province from Vietnam. Muang Khammouan’s capital is Tha Khaek.

If you want to spend your vacation enjoying the green scene with all the rice, bananas, cabbage, and sugar cane in abundance, then Muang Khammouan, Laos is absolutely your place to go. It is fresh and serene and the people are warm and friendly. However, since they do not speak English, you would have to do a lot of pointing and nodding during conversations. Greens and warm people are not the only highlights of Muang Khammouan. Here are the other spots you should not miss when you visit it:

• Tham Lot Kong Lo – This is an astounding cavernous tunnel that is 4 kilometers long. The tunnel is made of limestone and you probably haven’t seen any limestone structure as enormous.
• National Biodiversity Conservation area of Nakai-Nam Theun – Located right in the Vietnam border, Nakai-Nam Theun is house to several habitats, cloud forests to evergreen forests, ever-wet forest to a riverine forest. The total forest area covers 3,710 square kilometers of the province.
• Konglor and Natan villages—These two villages are the most famous ones in maintaining the textile weaving tradition. Weaving patterns are very distinct to every ethnic group in Muang Khammouan and they are usually based on cultural icons and natural themes.

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