Munich Residence

Munich Residence
Munich Residence Square in Germany
Photo from: Sridhar J, Creative Commons

The Munich Residence is located in Munich, Germany and is the Bavarian monarch’s royal palace. The Munich Residence is Germany’s largest city center and one of Europe’s best decorative museums.

The building includes ten courtyards and 130 rooms that are used by the museum. The building is divided into three major parts, which are known as the Alte Residenz, the Konigsbau and Festsaalbau. In addition, there is a Curvillies Theatre in a division of Festsaalbau. A park is located on the northern side of Festsaalbau, which was built by Maximilian I. It was built in a French style and also contains a circular temple that is crowned by a Bavarian statue.

The first building of the Munich residence was constructed in the year 1385. A new castle was later built in the place of the old building as a residence to the Wittelsbach rulers. The building was built in  Baroque, Classicism, Renaissance and Rococo styles.

The palace is famous for its collections, where a number of crowns, goldsmith works, ivory work and tableware are displayed. The collections are as follows:

• Emperor Charles Prayer book belonging to 860 ca
• Emperor Arnulf altar-ciborium belonging to 890 ca
• Empress Cunigunde crown
• Emperor Henry II, cross
• Queen Gisela cross belonging to 1000 ca
• Emperor Henry crown belonging to (ca. 1270),
• English Queen’s crown belonging to (ca. 1370),
• St George statue belonging to 1599 ca
• Bavaria crown belonging to 1804
• Queen Therese and ruby jewelry and ceremonial swords
• The Bavarian Emperors emblem and orders
• Emperor Charles VII emblem

The museum also contains the coin gallery founded by Albert V, where 300,000 Bavarian state’s coins, banknotes and medals belonging to the ancient past are displayed. It is one of the most extensive collections in the world.

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