Muscat police on their camels
Photo by: moaksey, Creative Commons

Muscat is the largest city in Oman and is actually the capital of the country. Also called the walled city, Muscat houses numerous royal palaces in its rather small area. Muscat is conveniently located near the coast, making it a major port in the region as well as an area where numerous international hotel chains have resorts in.
To get to Muscat, you will find that a lot of International Carriers conveniently fly into their international airport. International carriers like KLM, Swiss Air, Emirates Air and Lufthansa, among others, have international flights coming into this country’s capital daily from many destinations worldwide while regional carriers like Oman Air, Etihad Airways, Gulf Air and Jet Airways, to name but a few, connects this city with cities in India and around the Gulf.

Some of the places of interest you might want to visit when you are in Muscat include the many palaces and mosques that dot the city. Palaces like the Qasr Al Alam Royal Palace and mosques like the Sultan Qaboos Mosque are but a couple of the prime examples of such buildings that will leave you in awe.

Other structures that you might also find interesting in Muscat include the Al Jalai and the Al Mirani Fort, the Nakhal Fort and the Bait as-Zubair Museum. Since Oman is called the perfume capital of the world, you might want to visit the Amouage Perfume factory where the most valuable perfume in the world is found. For your jewelry shopping, handicraft shopping and a taste of the best food that Muscat has to offer, you might want to stop by the Mutrah Souk where all of these can be found at reasonable prices.

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