Mycenae 400
Photo by: *clairity*, Creative Commons

Capture the drama of Greece as the sunrises in Mycenae. This visitor destination, is a must-see for people who are interested about history, archeology and beautiful ruins. Never could a visitor forget the expression on their face at first site of the Mediterranean as well as the Adriatic Sea. What makes Mycenae special to Greece? This place happens to be where King Agamemnon ruled the people of Troy using a Trojan Horse.

One could just enjoy the breathtaking view just about anywhere since they have to trust the taste of the kings who ruled before – they have this wonderful and perfect preference to spots where they can have a majestic view of their territory. Did you know that when the sun casts a shadow during the day the colors of the countryside turns into this beautiful olive green and orange all due to the fact that the fertile soil has allowed several vegetables, herbs and spices to grow abundantly in Mycenae?

During summer, Mycenae is so fragrant that some visitors may become dizzy with all the beautiful smells they are experiencing. It is when the oranges are in full bloom. That happens to be such a wonderful sight to see in Mycenae. Most locals often give some tips to the visiting visitors that they should pack on some light clothes. Mycenae is indeed a place of the sun so people there are all bronzed up and ready to go.

Speaking of hotels, there are several cozy places for one to rest and they are priced very reasonably. The food is of course very mouthwatering. The only downside is having a peaceful night would be a little difficult since the whole of Mycenae is bursting with visitors who seem to not stop talking, dancing and laughing all through the night.

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