View of Coastal City Mykonos, Greece
Photo by: blueyeda73 , Creative Commons

Mykonos, Greece is a famous tourist destination. Its primary communities are Ano Mera and Chora. The little village of Ano Mera is located on the center of the island and is where the Panagia Tourliani monastery is found. Chora, on the other hand, is where the houses, churches, shops, restaurants, and bars are found. But its traditional architectural styles are still well preserved. Mykonos is also a popular gay district. It has several gay bars, as well as, nightclubs. However, the best time to go here are on the months of May and June. September until mid-October is also a good time, since July through August is really crowded and busy.

Then, tourists can go around on foot, by bus, by motorbike, or by car. Taxis are extremely rare in this area. In fact, only roughly thirty taxis are available. Touring by means of a boat is a very good option. The Plati Yalos Boat Service offers a fun and good way to get to Mykonos’ southern beaches. Tourists can also see the windmills and Little Venice. Or they can visit the church of Panagia Paraportianí. Museums are quite abundant, as well. But all of them are only open on the months of April until October, with the exception of the Archaeological Museum which can be visited any time of the year. Nevertheless, wonderful beaches are all over Mykonos. Most of them are lined with assorted taverns, as well as, restaurants. Also, nude swimmers are fairly common on these beaches.

Paradise beach is perhaps the most well-known on the island. Camping areas, snack bars, clubs, and self-service restaurants are found here. Three other popular beaches are Psarou, which is patronized by the Greeks; Kalafati, which is a favorite of windsurfers; and Agios Stefanos, is a fine, sandy beach that becomes really crowded during the summer. Then, Ornos, a tourist and family beach, is good for surfing and sea-skiing. Platys Gialos is a tourist and family beach, as well. And since Mykonos is gay-friendly, lots of beaches are popular among the gay people. But majority of them are not exclusively gay beaches, however. Elia, for instance, is a very large beach and popular to gays. But the small and rocky beach between Agrari and Elia is their most favorite. Gays also love Super Paradise and Paranga beaches. And when the tourists get hungry, they can try souvlakis and gyros from the restaurants that line the beaches. Grilled fish, meats, vegetables, and salads are also commonly served.

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