Myvatn Lake

Myvatn Lake
Photo by: kaet44, Creative Commons

Myvatn Lake, located in Northern Iceland is the country’s fourth largest natural lake. Myvatn Lake or Midge Lake got its name from the insects that live in the water. It has an area of 37 square kilometers with numerous islets on the lake. There many geological formations due to an active volcano nearby. There is so much volcanic activity in this area that nine eruptions took place in nine years. Also, North America and the Eurasian plate are said to be drifting 2 centimeters away from each other every year due to the eruption of active volcanoes.

Myvatn Lake was formed due to the blocking of a river by a large lava field. The lake is said to be fertile because the lake water is rich in minerals. For those who want to get in touch with nature, the area is a known sanctuary for different kinds of birds including 15 species of ducks.

Other activities that can be enjoyed are camping and fishing in the nearby Laxa – where many fishers enjoy catching salmon and trout. Sheep are a common sight in the area since sheep farming is a common form of livelihood. The sun shines bright in Myvatn Lake making the lake a suitable place for algae to grow. The algae give the water a greenish color.

There is also an annual marathon held during the summer. Tourists will have much convenience during their visit, for there are hotels, restaurants, shops and travel firms in the area. Car and bike rentals also provide ease of mobility around town and visiting the various sites in Myvatn. Myvatn Lake is also a home to the early inhabitants of the world. A Viking board game and a 10th century dwelling lodge are some of the greatest archeological discoveries in the area. The place is an excellent destination for nature lovers and even for those who just want a quiet get-away.

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