M’zab Valley

M’Zab Valley
Photo by: dalbera, Creative Commons

Did you know that there is something more in the M‘zab Valley than itself? Apart from the edifices, there are innumerable reasons why they built such an astounding city. And the reasons will be unfolded as you go through this expose.

One is that the country responsible for this archaic wonder is Algeria; known for other UNESCO World Heritage Site such as Djemila and Al Qal’a of Beni Hammad.

Second, these cultural wonders which Algeria is famous for include other works of art and chronological events from sundry voyagers. Plans are uniquely made per individual as it reflects one’s feelings and how you want something to be done. From the various ethnicities who tried to conquer the country, a mixture of diverse structure has been made and lately become one of the world’s legacies.

Third is the architecture of M’zab Valley’s extraordinary design. It is kinfolk-inspired with respect to privacy of egalitarian type of family. Because of the strong ties of families during this era, a specially built city was fabricated. It has five walled cities explicitly known for the names, Ghardaïa, Beni Isguen, Melika, Bounoura and El-Ateuf which is collectively known as the Pentapolis. It has watchtowers that add beauty to each citadel and was created by the Ibadites at around 10th century designed for a much simpler yet non-invasive way of livelihood among family units.

Fourth, the M’zab Valley is a limestone plateau which was deeply preserved for historical purpose. The valley served as the major haven for Sahara desert travelers as it is surrounded by dry riverbeds and palm groves as well.

And fifth, travelers should familiarize themselves to the customs and traditions of Algerians, the way they dress themselves and their customs for a more carefree experience on roaming the country. A guide should be hired and is highly suggested since the area is ruled by Muslims. So there you have it, the decision of visiting one of the legacies the world has to present now lies on your hands.

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