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Nagasaki is considered as Japan’s window to the world. This is because the city has excellent harbors that are easily accessible since the 16th century up to the present. These harbors still function as the country’s main port area. In recent years, Nagasaki gradually rose to be one of the prime tourist spots in the country. Ports were turned into tourist destinations and shrines were constructed to open the city for world renown.

Nagasaki has a profusely rich historical background behind its beautiful sceneries. Once a Jesuit colony, more than a few of the city’s natives were practicing Catholics. In 1587, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, ordered the elimination of acquired European customs, however, it is undeniable that Portuguese culture has greatly influenced the people of the city. Through its landscape and extravagant architecture, Nagasaki never fails to give its visitors, “the European feel”.

Nagasaki is situated along a forested area, with captivating mountains and bays along its vicinity. To add to its several overwhelming characteristics, the city boasts of its moderate climate which many tourists love.

So much for these facts, here are some things first-time tourists and visitors like you can do in a trip to the exciting city of Nagasaki!

A trip to Nagasaki will not be complete without a taste of its incomparable food treats. Sampon, the city’s specialty, is one of the most sought after dishes by tourists. It is a noodle dish consisting of vegetable, pork, scallops, shrimp, squid and bacon, creating a rich fusion of meat and sea foods. Its creamy broth soup is what numerous travelers love. Another savory Nagasaki specialty is Saraudon, which is also a noodle dish. It is a perfect blend of vegetables, meat and seafood, seasoned with champon sauce. This combination is then served on top of noodles fried to crispness. Try various street foods along the stalls located in Nagasaki shopping districts and you’re sure to be satisfied!

Every travel expert might just suggest Glover Garden as the first place you need to see in Nagasaki. Glover Garden offers a wide array of luxurious houses set in European style and comfort. The houses are positioned on top of a hill in Nagasaki, thus, providing any onlooker a picturesque view of the whole city’s beauty. To get to Glover Garden, you can either ride the yellow line train to Ishibashi or ride the street cars frequenting the area. If you want a glimpse at Nagasaki’s colorful past, you can also visit the Nagasaki Peace Park, a museum and recreational park built to commemorate the atomic bombing of the city in 1945. Statues were used to symbolize the events that led to the destruction of the city during WWII.

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