Kifaru Ark Nairobi National Park — Behold the Giraffe
Photo by: khym54, Creative Commons

Nairobi, Kenya is the city that will never run out of things to offer. It is one of Africa’s major cities and considered as the center of commerce. It has a modern and beautiful landscape. The city offers several land tourist attractions too.

Nairobi is geographically situated on higher grounds. It is 5,900 feet from sea level. This gives the place a moderate climate, perfect for relaxation. By average, June to July is the coldest at 52 degrees Fahrenheit and the highest is at 75 degrees.

The place is known for its green parks. It has a dense tree cover which makes the air fresh and clean, despite the busy streets of Nairobi. The Uhuru Park, translated as “Freedom” park, is one of the most famous. From there, the world famous skyline of the city can be viewed.

It is also called the Safari Capital of the World. It is full of first class hotels for Safari-bound tourists. The Nairobi National Park has giraffes, lions and more than 400 kinds of birds. This safari walk is the greatest way to experience on-foot wilderness exploration.

There are also other fun activities like bungee jumping. For shopping and relaxation, there are several malls like the Sarit Centre in the Westlands, and the Yaya Centre at Hurlingham. Nairobi houses Africa’s largest ice rink. This is the 15,000 square feet rink in Panari Sky Centre. There are also eight large golf courses to choose from.

Moving across this magnificent city is easy too. There are numerous taxis, buses and trains to help anyone travel around Africa’s heart of commerce.

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