Rhino and Zebra feed in Nakuru
Photo by: Paul Mannix, Creative Commons

The Rift Valley Province is the richest of all Kenya, when it comes to geography and topography. For the adventurous and for those who are keen to learning more about history and nature: Nakuru is the place for you.

Nakuru is the capital and fourth largest town of the Rift Valley Province. Its rainy tropical climate supports the coffee and tea farms of its highlands. Temperature levels vary from 21 to 31 degrees Celsius throughout the year.

Many visitors worldwide come yearly to marvel at the town’s natural beauty and anthropologically rich spots. Want to see some 400 bird species? Come to Nakuru Lake, a part of the Lake Nakuru National Park. This area is best for game viewing those elusive white and black rhinos. Heading further north will take you to the Bogoria National Park. The lakes here are quite pink, because of its two million flamingoes.

Menengai Crater, a dormant volcano, is also another major attraction. It is the second largest existing crater of a dormant volcano. People will have to walk or take a ride 8 kilometers away from the main road to Menengai. There, they can marvel at the 480 meter depth of this crater. Visitors can also go to Hyrax Hill Prehistoric Site. Artifacts from the Iron and Neolithic Ages are displayed here.

There are also first class hotels in the town’s heart, where people can relax and have a taste of exquisite Kenyan cuisine. Then they can visit the Rift Valley Sports Club and watch cricket to their content.

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