Bridge on the River Kwai
Photo by: moohaha, Creative Commons

Home of lead and steam trains, the town of Namfu in Myanmar has a lot of things to offer you. Though their tourist attractions are not that elegant and magnificent as that of the pagodas and temples of the rest of the cities of Burma, Namfu still has something unique for you to experience.

This small town of Namfu holds the headquarters for the Burma Mines Railways. However, this area is restricted to the public. But with a permit from the government, you can see for yourself the wonders of these old railways and trains. In fact, you can still see two-railway locomotives today that are in perfect working condition. If you wish to see the old version of bullet trains, these steam locos can answer your curiosity. Truly, seeing a functional automobile of the past is such a wonderful experience to remember. This is much more if you follow the railways; you can have a picturesque view of pagodas, rural villages, and steep mountains as well.

But, the railway treats of Namfu for you do not just end there. You can still see more to life of well-preserved locomotives in the small museum in town. When you pay a visit, you can understand the evolution of this mode of transportation not only in Myanmar or Burma but as well as to the whole world.

Indeed, if you wish to have a unique experience in Myanmar, it pays to visit the town of Namfu. With the ambiance of the past and the gifts of nature, your trip will undeniably be a worthy one.

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