Hehuanshan in Nantou, Taiwan
Photo by: Lordcolus, Creative Commons

Green Hills, Mountains, and translucent water is what best describes Nantou County. Nantou, Taiwan is the only city in Taiwan that does not harbor the seacoast. Situated in the center of Taiwan, many expressions can be used to describe this emerald green County. Because of its fine quality of water, suitable weather, and fertile lands, many people have tagged this place as Mother Earth of Taiwan.

A county that is bordered by beautiful landscapes of lakes and mountains, many people visit this place because of the many breathe taking places it offers. Nantou is mostly covered by mountains and hills.

Nantou, Taiwan covers eight different rural townships and four urban townships. Its a popular tourist destination with its bordering mountains and hills. Here are some popular tourist destinations that can be seen in Nantou.

• After visiting Nantou’s mountains, enjoy a nice soothing bathe in Cingjing Farm and Lushan Hot Spring. The hot spring is located in Ren’ai Township.
• The Sun Moon Lake is also a good place to go. Relax and enjoy the magical sceneries. Sun Moon Lake is located in Yuchi Township.
• The Sitou, sometimes called as Xitou, Forest Amusement Park is also one the popular destinations in Nantou that is located in Lugu Township.
• For mountain adventurers the Hehuanshan or Mt. Hehuan and Mt. Jade are the best places to visit.
• The Puli Township which is also known as the City of Flowers is also a popular tourist destination because of the many varieties of flowers that can be seen. Famously known for its picturesque flowers, the locals here are also worth mentioning because of their warm and hospitable character.

Nantou, Taiwan is one the best places in Taiwan that offers a very calming ambience. This place is not only rich in tradition. It is also rich in natural beauty.

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