Welcome to Napa
Photo by: Stan Shebs, Creative Commons

Many consider Napa to be their home away from home. Among the cities of California, this is perhaps the most ideal place for vacations and private getaways. Napa is located at the heart of California wine country. It is known for its picturesque landscape and lush vineyards that seem to go on and on.

You would never get bored in a city like Napa. Whether you just want to rest and relax on your chosen bed and breakfast, or perhaps sip a wine by the countryside, you’ll be able to find a place for you to enjoy here. For children and the young at heart, you may want to visit the Balloon Company here in Napa. Many people, especially famous ones drop by take flight on one of these colorful balloons and have a breathtaking view of the city landscape right above the skies. City tours are one of the most booked activities here in Napa.

The difference here is that, a limousine will take you on a luxurious trip to your desired destination. Since wine the very thing that made this city famous, there are plenty of ways to enjoy it here. First, you may sip your wine in the wild. Here you can absolutely experience African wildlife while indulging in fine wine. If you love biking, you may take a cycling visit to the vineyards. There are plenty of venues that welcome that. For the arts and music enthusiasts, there are museums and theatres all over the city.

Napa is also known for its fresh produce. In fact, there are numerous farm markets where you can do your daily shopping. There’s the Calistoga Farmer’s Market as well as the Chef’s market. No matter what you need from milk to vegetables and fruits to fresh meat, you won’t run out here.

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