The Serene beaches of Naples
Photo by: Massimo Catarinella, Creative Commons

Naples, a city located in Collier County of Florida, is a region that has become popular for both its serene beaches and rich natural reserves, something that people can hardly experience in just one city. This balanced mix of land and water has attracted a lot of tourists in the area particularly those who want diversity in their vacation activities. People hardly get bored when they spend their time in Naples because there is always something new to discover and a new and fresh sight to behold.

For starters, the beaches in Naples offer calm and serene waters that are a perfect spot for anyone who just wants to enjoy the warmth of the sun and the gentle lapping of the waves on their bodies. The coast is 10 miles long, offering plenty of areas where people can set up their blankets or seats and just marvel at the beauty of the blue waters while they are seated on the clean white sand that is becoming rarer and rarer now in crowded beaches.

If you are tired of the beach, there is always the wilderness to explore. You can ride a boat and explore the back country of Naples as well as the uninhabited islands that make up the Everglades. The tour of the rich natural surroundings of Naples doesn’t stop there thought because there are also excursions offered through the wilderness where you can see panthers, tigers, bisons, birds, and wild alligators in the flesh.

All these activities will surely get you tired, so Naples also offers a retreat from all the nature trips and gives you a taste of something that is much closer to home. There is a district where all the shops, restaurants and other usual city sights can be found, giving you a much needed breather for your next grand Naples adventure.

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