A Tranquil Beach in Naples, Italy
Photo by: anzman, Creative Commons

When in Italy, a visit to the Southern city of Naples is a must for you to have the ultimate experience of Italian culture. Located about two hours South of Rome in the region of Campania, Naples is where the most important port in the country’s southern region can be found. It is located north of the Bay of Naples, which is one of the most popular bays in Italy because of its beauty.

Getting around the city of Naples is made easy by several major train lines and buses. There are also ferries that can take you to the other nearby islands, and there is also an airport, Aeroporto Capodichino, that caters to flights to other parts of Italy.

One interesting fact about Naples is that it is where the world-famous pizza originated. Long before we started to enjoy our pizza deliveries of various varieties and toppings, the people of Naples have been enjoying freshly-baked pizza topped with mouthwatering spices and delicious sauce straight out of wood-burning ovens. Today you can enjoy these genuine Italian pizzas that are still being served in the many great pizza places found all over the city. You will surely be treated to a wide array of the best pizzas in the world, because here in Naples, they take pizza seriously.

Other than food, Naples also has many historic and artistic venues to showcase. One of the most famous attractions in Italy is the National Archaeological Museum of Naples. This museum is home to Greek and Roman antiquities that are among the best collections in the world. These include sculptures, gems, mosaics, silver and glass art pieces and objects excavated from the City of Pompeii and other nearby archaeological sites.

Great Italian architecture is also showcased in the City of Naples, through its many churches. Some of these are the Santa Chiara Church that has an interesting museum and a monastery; the Duomo, which is a 13th century cathedral built in honor of San Gennaro, who is the patron of Naples; the Basilica Santa Restituta, the oldest church in Naples that has columns that are believed to have originated from the Temple of Apollo and the 13th century medieval church called San Lorenzo Maggiore, underneath which is lies extensive Greek and Roman remains.

Naples is most populated by tourists during the Christmas Season because of its spectacular displays on the streets. Their specialty is recreating the nativity and in fact they have several nativity workshops in different parts of the city and a great concentration of which is on Via San Gregorio Armeno.

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