Blue Ice near Narsaq, Greenland
Photo by: cortomaltese, Creative Commons

Narsaq, Greenland is such a beautiful place to begin your tour for this year. Situated in the municipality of Kujalleq this quiet town is known for its plains. That is why when you do a direct translation to Greenlandic, Narsaq means plain – a flat surface or terrain of land. It is one of the tourist destinations for thousands of travelers who would want a chance to see up close or even get close the now getting extinct marine life. Get a chance to freely see the different marine animals like seals, walruses and yes, even the great and majestic whales.

When you visit Narsaq, you will be astonished at how much you can do in this place. There is indeed a large room for your excursions and different activities to keep you busy all day long. Since this small town has sheets of ice around it, you will be able to enjoy the cool breeze against your skin when you go sailing. Here, you will be able to delight at the sight of glaciers that float around you.

A lot of tourists who have visited Narsaq would often remark that they had so much fun visiting the Norse Ruins. Here you can hike for half a day and after that you would be elated at the chance to see the mountains as well as the valleys. Are you interested in geology? Well, you would be so happy the moment you’d get to see rare rocks and minerals that are just laying on the soil. You will have a shock of a lifetime when you’d find out that the rocks that you would be holding are just some of the rare finds that you will not see in other parts of the world.

Do not forget to pack real thick clothes and thermal gloves since the temperatures at Narsaq can dip to as low as -14°C. It would be winter all year long so expect to have accommodations at hotels that have fireplaces and heaters. Speaking of hotels, there is an abundance of these here at Narsaq. You can choose from ten of the most visited hotels by fellow tourists. The food is more or less French inspired. This is due to the fact that even though Greenland is considered a place covered in snow, they have vast areas where plants and vegetables are in full bloom.

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