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Narsarsuaq also became one of the military bases of the United States of America in the mid part of the 50s. You could visit the base since it still stands to date but it was later on converted into a museum. There are a lot for you to see like how the Americans during that time used the different parts of Narsarsuaq and how economy boomed during their time. It is indeed a trip back time when you go through the museum.

One of the must-see tourist spots still is Narsarsuaq since it is very well-known for its marine life which would make your jaws drop at the sight of it. Did you know that you could go fishing near icy waters and catch artic marine life like Cod and the famous Artic Trout?

Well, before you can actually start throwing in your bait, you have to seek a fishing license since you are tourist. Nevertheless, it is quite easy to acquire one since all you have to do is visit the Tourist Office. Local folk make fishing for a living so the proper clothes that you will need can easily be rented at the office or better yet, for your trip to this place, you might as well bring along your fishing gear.

You could also arrange chartered flights if money is not much of a problem for you. Here you would be able to glide across the ice caps and glaciers as you head off to the famous Black River. It is not actually colored black but the way the rocks were formed hence the origin of the name.

There is this mysterious place called the Hole wherein the water in this lake vanishes for a while and then overflows thus flooding the nearby town every two years. When the water subsides, the fish become easy prey to the birds like falcons and bald eagles. Well they would have a party during times like this.

Every thing that you do in Narsarsuaq can be achieved through a guided tour. Schedule your trips during the day so you would appreciate the place all the more. Most tourists would love to experience the night sky during winter months. The northern polar lights or the Aurora Borealis could be witnessed. It is such a wonderful display of colors which you could only view at places such as Greenland.

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