Castle by the river in Narva
Photo by: Sjors Provoost, Creative Commons

Are you thinking of visiting Estonia? If you are, then you should visit Narva, Estonia to experience a whole new world different from their summer and winter capitals. Narva is located in the eastern border of the country and is only a stone’s throw away from Russia. It is no wonder that there are many Russian-speaking citizens of this place. They have only a bridge to cross to go from Russia to Narva.

This place has indeed a rich history because of its closeness to the Russian Federation. One of its defining landmarks is the Narva Castle and Museum. It is a 14th century castle located along the banks of the Narva River. The Museum provides and extensive account of the town’s history. After discovering the rich background of the place through their museum, why not climb to the top of the tower for a major view of the Ivangorod castle which is located just across the river.

If you are fond of taking a quiet stroll, then the Dark Garden is the place for you. It is the city’s main park that sits at the top of the Victoria and Pax Bastions giving you a good view of the river. You will be exposed to a whole new world that shows off Narva’s medieval defense system, transporting you to the day back in history when many Russian soldiers were killed in the Great Northern War. In fact, an iron cross monument stands in their honor, also seen at the grounds of the park.

Experience all these great treats and more when you visit Narva.

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