Marina in Nassau, Bahamas.

Photo by: pswint, Creative Commons

What other place in the world could be more beautiful when it’s the beach–and-sun combo you are looking for? There’s definitely no other spot than the Bahamas! When you decide to tour the islands, one of the first stops you must not miss is Nassau. Mansions, cathedrals, sheltered harbors, and 18th-century fortresses… what else is there to ask for?

Nassau is the capital city of the Bahamas. It is home to one of the nicest resorts in the islands, the Nassau Palm Resort and Conference Center. There are many things you can do while in this city. If you want to enjoy the water, you can simply swim in one of its beaches. After swimming, you can explore other water activities like boating, sailing, fishing, snorkeling, and diving. The water temperature is about 80 degrees Fahrenheit all year round so water activities are great anytime, at any occasion.

Now, Nassau, Bahamas is not only fun in the water. It’s also great in land. There are attractions you may visit like the Botanical Gardens, national parks, museums, landmarks, and cultural and historical sites. You can also do bird watching, private flying, and gaming in the casinos. When you simply want to tour the city, it is very easy to ride on a horse-drawn surrey and enjoy the sites. If riding on a horse isn’t your thing, you can get on a taxi or tour bus to roam around instead. There are endless possibilities to enjoy a Nassau vacation!

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