The city of Natitingou, and its homes.
Photo by: Wikimedia by Baliola, Creative Commons

Discover the enigmatic wildlife a few miles outside Natitingou, Benin. Your travel destination for the year is of course nothing but Africa! You will be able to witness how it is to be with the wild and revel under the hot summer sun at its beautiful beaches. Should you be a little wary if you could run with the cheetahs, why not immerse yourself in the cool waters at the Falls of Tanougou?

There are other resorts within the vicinity that uses the waters that come from the falls. So you could enjoy basking under the sun with a little safety since you would not open in your eyes in shock that a little wild animal is swimming beside you. There happens to be an issue if the waters of Tanougou are potable. It would be advisable for you not to drink it to be sure. Although you can still bathe in it as long as you do not have open sore. Whenever you visit a new land, water happens to be issues so always pack some medicines for intestinal malfunction.

Aside from the waterworks, there is one sight that will make your eyes open wide in amazement – the mud castles of the Tata Somba. It is a little far about an hour’s drive but surely all worth the wait! You will definitely enjoy your visit at Natitingou, Benin for this. Heading back home would be a little difficult since this experience is worth every dollar you have saved for.

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