Natural History Museum of San Diego

Natural History Museum
Photo by: Lisa Andres, Creative Commons

San Diego’s Natural History Museum is considered to be the oldest museum found in Southern California. The museum in itself has survived since being founded in 1874 by the San Diego Society of Natural History. The museum boasts of an extensive gallery of fossils which reflect the history of early inhabitants. But what makes visitors flock the museum is the amazing exhibits which run throughout the year.

Some of the most memorable and most popular exhibits found in the Museum are the features on different kinds of intriguing flora and fauna, rocks and minerals among others. Recently, the museum featured an exhibit on art and anthropology, precious gems, water and other natural subject matter. The museum also runs a permanent exhibit entitled “Fossil Mysteries” which feature an extensive fossil collection tracing back the existence of dinosaurs which are believed to have inhabited the earth, particularly in Southern California and parts of Baja California in Mexico.

The museum was built as a venue to preserve the artifacts and ancient fossils. Children and adults all benefit from the educational and informational but still very entertaining exhibits. These exhibits are very significant in educating children and even adults of the natural history of the earth. Even adults flock to the museum not just to accompany their kids but also to marvel at nature’s greatness.

Because of the heightened awareness of nature, everyone who visits the museum has also become aware of conserving the environment and preserving it from ruin. San Diego’s Natural History museum also boasts of its in house breakthrough research endeavors regarding nature which can improve or even change the course of natural history.

It is found in Balboa Park in San Diego where there are also other attractions apart from the museum itself such as whale watching and theater viewing.

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