Nazare City in Portugal
Photo by: Fotos dos Ornelas , Creative Commons

The town of Nazare is located in Central Portugal. It is a small town with a population of 14 thousand inhabitants in an area of about 80 square kilometers. Although the town lacks the grandiose and old world charm of architectural structures found in many larger cities like Portugal, Nazare boasts of its picturesque sea side attractions that many tourists visiting the area find so appealing. The place has been considered a great get away for people to take a break from the bustling and busy city life and embark on a journey of soul searching in the quiet and sunny sea side offered by Nazare.

Established as a fishing village, the town facing the Atlantic Ocean has been popular to many visitors because of its sunny weather as well as the long sandy beaches perfect for swimming and sun bathing. Many consider Nazare as the best beach destination in Portugal.

Aside from the general activities one can enjoy while visiting the beach, one will enjoy the customs and traditions as well as the warm welcome by the people of the town. The local costume which is still traditionally worn during special occasions include the colorful apparel of fishermen as well as the aprons and headscarves worn by women which are colorfully embroidered in patterns distinctive of their culture.

Upon visiting the town, tourists will have the choice to see three portions of the town. The picturesque Ositio or town situated in a hill, the Apraia or the beach and the Pederneira, which is a very old town. In Ositio, the Capela de Memoira is a commemorative church built to thank the Virgin Mary for saving a knight from falling off a cliff.

The Avenida Marginal on the other hand is a stretch of shops and restaurants catering superb dishes offering fresh seafood catch from the town. For those who would like to purchase souvenirs, this is the place to go to when buying unique items found here.

The sunny and quaint little town of Nazare is a perfect beach getaway for those who would like to experience the warm coast of Portugal.

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