Necker Island

Necker Island is in the background.

Photo by: nayoungkim , Creative Commons

Are you looking for a private island that you can rent for your whole family or friends to celebrate a special occasion (like a birthday or anniversary) or to just have a relaxing time? If so, you should consider renting Necker Island, British Virgin Islands. It might be expensive but it is worth every last cent of your money. You will surely forget your everyday worries and stresses once you set foot on this island.

The villa has ten bedrooms with their own bathrooms and balconies, perfect for a group of people who are looking for a secluded vacation getaway. There is a common living room and dining room that are very spacious with high ceilings and huge windows that give you a breathtaking view of the ocean.

The villa is decorated with pieces from exotic places like Indonesia, Haiti, and Mexico, to name a few. You can read or relax at the terrace which is very peaceful and serene.

Outside the villa is another matter. There is a gazebo where you can also relax and a tennis court where you can practice your backhand. There are also facilities for different water sports and activities like fishing, snorkeling, sailing, wind surfing, water skiing, and scuba diving. If you love to have a peaceful vacation with your loved ones but you still want to do some exciting and fun sports and activities, Necker Island, British Virgin Islands is the place to be. It is a tropical island which is both exciting and idyllic.

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