Beachside at Negombo
Photo by: Yellow.Cat, Creative Commons

Negombo, Sri Lanka is more than just a trading port. When you are here you will not only discover how commercial trade takes place, but you will be amazed of the Dutch culture that continues to proliferate in every corner of the place. There are many tourist spots that await you here, and there are more things you need to discover and rediscover.

Aside from fishing and the tile industry, the locales boast the following tourist’s spots:

The Dutch Canal

This small body of water is both a form of scenery and a source of living. For tourists, this is a photo perfect site and a spot for some recreational activities. But for local residents here, it is a source of their daily food, and fishing is a fair game here.

Local Beaches

If you are looking for some tranquility, beaches in Negombo are the perfect spots. The white sand and blue waters are calming, and you will enjoy these beaches more because these are less crowded and you can surely enjoy your time alone or together with your family here. You can even indulge in diving, wind surfing, or snorkeling activities.

Kelaniya Buddhist Temple

If you want to learn more about religions in Negombo, this site is a must-see. You will admire how they built this magnificent place and be at awe with the paintings on the wall.

Dutch Fort Gate

A stroll in this historical site is a worthwhile experience, especially if you are very much attached to historical events that took place in this city. Huge pillars and creatively done arcs can spice your moment here.

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