Cliffs at Negril
Photo by: Abeeeer, Creative Commons

A large beach resort town located in the Parish of Westmoreland, Negril is known as the capital of the casual because business and pleasure are treated with an equal amount of informality. The carefree ambiance and the relaxing atmosphere make it a good place to meet Jamaican friends and recreate in this heavenly place.

It is known as a place where the beach never ends and the nights are ultimately active.

Food and Dining

There are many restaurants in Negril. There is a wide choice of eateries that will suit your budget and cravings at the same time like the Margaritaville Negril (American and Jamaican cuisine), Negril Yacht Club (Jamaican and North American cuisine), and Robinson Crusoe (Jamaican and International cuisine)


Although there are not many activities to do in Negril except enjoy the active evenings and tour the neighboring towns, there are still a lot of attractions that you can visit in the area.

The Belvedere Estate. A family owned estate which is one of the first sugar cane plantations in Jamaica. It is open to visitors and shares the spectacular view of its rivers and waterfalls as well as its ruins and wildlife.

Negril Lighthouse. It was built in 1894 and was operated by a gas lamp until 1956. In 1956, it was replaced by acetylene gas lamp and in 1985; it was powered by solar energy.

Ja-ja Originals. A studio and art gallery at Coco La Palm Resort with a great collection of paintings and other artistic items crafted by talented Jamaican artists.

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