Villager on his ride, without the traffic in an oasis.
Photo by: Zain A.B., Creative Commons

Does the Sahara Desert appeal to you? Then this is your chance to pack your bags and visit Nema, Mauritania. You may find it a little difficult to withstand the immense heat of the sun since is it a little different from where you came from but rest assured that your trip here would be nothing close to scorching.

Every year, thousands of tourists travel to Africa for the experience of a lifetime. Imagine safari and sun – don’t forget to bring lots of sun block since you might nor get identified on your way home since you do not look like your passport photo. What would you see in Nema, Mauritania? The most sought after experience would be to sleep under the stars since it’s a place for camping. It is necessary to do so since they do not have hotels. The chance to be communing with nature would definitely make you want to keep on coming back to this place.

Whenever tourists visit Nema, Mauritania, they go for the architectural aspect. There are wonderful stone houses that are clad in clay which often reminds tourists of the beauty of Morocco which actually is not that far away. As ironic as it gets, Africa is on the sunny side of the temperature gauge but there are still cool places to go to – their beaches as well as – believe it or not, vegetation! There are quite a number of markets to go to where you can actually purchase newly harvested crops.

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