Nemrut Dagi

Nemrut Dagi 400
Nemrut Dagi Headstone
Photo by: ‘saipal, Creative Commons

Some people from afar to see new places; this is because they have seek more. However, these travelers will always have something to marvel about in Turkey, as the country offers various sites that would interest any traveler.

Historical sites are scattered all over Turkey, and it is best if travelers visit as many sites as they can. Among the notable sites in the country is Nemrut Dagi, an ancient shrine atop a mountain. A geologist discovered in 1881, and since then, people have been drawn to the mystique of the place.

The fascinating thing about Nemrut Dagi is that it contains many huge statues, which dates back to 62 BC. King Antiochus I Theos of Commagene commissioned the building of the structures upon the mountain. Originally, the statues reached as much as 30 feet high, and these comprised of statues of the king, Armenian and Greek gods, lions, and eagles.

Anyone can take in the grandeur of the site, with the huge statues standing as sentinels to the mountain. However, Nemrut Dagi fell victim to iconoclasm; the statues’ heads are now scattered all over the mountain. Still, the site holds great significance, thus drawing in travelers who wish to learn more about this place’s history.

Believed to be the burial site of Antiochus, Nemrut Dagi leaves one in awe of the stone carvings that are more than 2000 years old. The statues exhibit the great skill that people back then had with building such structures. Going to see the ancient statues is a humbling experience, as it makes one feel part of something bigger.

Aside from the statues, the conical shape of the mountain where Nemrut Dagi stands is also something unique. Watching the sunrise and sunset from the summit is a great way to enjoy the sights of this wondrous place.

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