New York Transit Museum in Brooklyn

Turnstiles at the Museum
Photo by: I eated a cookie, Creative Commons

If you happen to find yourself in New York City one of these days, one of the places that you must definitely see and visit is the New York Transit Museum in Brooklyn. Although many would prefer shopping malls to museums, the Transit Museum would definitely make you experience a different kind of thrill with its offer of taking you on a trip through the pages of history. With the endless relics, memorabilia, and other age-old memories of trans, railways, and tracks, you will surely be transported to a different history that the books have yet to explore.

The Brooklyn New York Transit Museum houses some of the most amazing exhibits in the world of trains. Housed in an old subway station in downtown Brooklyn, the experience of exploring 100-year relics from old and demolished train stations and subway cars will surely leave you breathless.

This museum has become very popular over the years because of its unconventional subject matter. In a world where bullet trains exist, it is a nice breath of fresh air to be able to discover and see the predecessors of the said bullet trains. It is most definitely like travelling through the history of travel. From the first train cars to the recent yet still unusual train designs, you get the chance to have front row seats in discovering the way of travel that our ancestors have utilized ages ago.

The museum holds 19 different subway cars and other train niceties in exhibit. It is definitely a gem in the transit history. All antique travel memorabilia are open to be seen by the travel buffs, enthusiasts, and tourists. What’s more is that you could even hold parties inside the museum!

If you are fascinated by transportation history and antique memorabilia, then you should definitely drop by the Transit Museum.

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