Marcus Square, Newry
Photo by: wiki , Creative Commons

The fourth largest city in Northern Ireland, Newry, is popular for its historic border, 67 miles from Dublin, and the center of transactions in Ireland. Located at the Gap of the North, it first became a port until it was made a city in 2002. Since then, it has gained popularity because of its provincial shopping-towns that are at par with the best. The Buttercrane Center and the Quays are worth a visit if you are visiting Newry, Northern Ireland. Even people from Cork, a distant local city, are attracted to these centers due to their attractive prices. Cheaper goods call the attention of shoppers, even making them cross borders.

Because of the expanding popularity of Newry there has been an increase in housing prices throughout the city, with a remarkable increase of 371%. Moreover, its unemployment rate has decreased progressively.

One of the favorite tourist destinations is the Cathedral of SS. Patrick and Colman on Hill Street, which was built in 1829. It is considered as the city’s greatest architecture. The town hall is also a must see, for it has been built over the River Clanrye, a historical boundary that separated Down and Armagh. A museum and arts centre has also held several galleries to prove the eloquence of the arts in the city. The Craigmore Viaduct is an important bridge that is often studied by architects for its construction. The bridge has eighteen arches, the highest of which is 126 feet, stealing the record in all of Ireland. Local granite was the main component of the bridge, expanding to a quarter of a mile.

As a tribute to Saint Patrick, the most important saint in the country, Saint Patrick’s church, the first Protestant church in the area, has been built and been frequently visited ever since. There is also a Roman Catholic Cathedral situated near it bears neo-Gothic architecture. As if to prove the point that Ireland is religiously affiliated, there are many churches in the city that are the subject of tours and crusades.

The River Newry is the most important aspect of the city, with the port and industrial town lying in this area. Much of the transactions happen in the ports, and the business establishments are usually related to the ports. However, the area of industry and architecture are not the only forms of livelihood in the area. There are also sufficient jobs that lure tourists and investors to the area.

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